Estimation of the shelf life of pezik pickles using Weibull hazard analysis

Abstract Beta vulgaris L. var. rapa is a variety of beet with edible dark green leaves and stalks, which is a close relative of Swiss chard. It is widely consumed in central Anatolia region in Turkey due to its high nutritional value and desirable sensory attributes. Locally known as ‘pezik’, Beta vulgaris L. var. rapa is a highly perishable vegetable. The stalks of pezik are consumed as pickle, allowing longer consumption of this vegetable. In this study, Weibull hazard analysis was applied to the sensory data to determine the shelf life of pezik pickles. The end of shelf life was indicated by the time when 50% of the panelists found the pickles unacceptable. Pickles blanched for 7 min and stored at 17-18 °C were found to have a shelf life of 167 days with 95% confidence limits of 156-179 days. Prolonged blanching (9 min.) decreased the shelf life of pickles by about 19 days.