Ethical world and midium: a Paulistana scenography of Brazilian science

2019-02-06T03:12:54Z (GMT) by Luciana Salazar Salgado Marina Delege

Abstract: Considering the notion of ethos as it was proposed by Maingueneau since his seminal text “About ethos” (2008), this article presents: i) an emphasis on the notion of ethical world, still little explored as an analytical instrument; ii) a theoretical improvement that puts the medium as constitutive of the ethical world. The journal Pesquisa Fapesp is the editorial object considered here as a sensitivity vector linked to a matrix of mentality, the Fapesp Foundation, and functions as a medium that feeds an ethical world: both for documenting it and legitimizing it, as for being part of it, legitimizing itself as a documentary (DEBRAY, 2000a and b). In order to clarify this approach, we analyze this data: 1. The publicity in the magazine; 2. Graphs about the research in Brazil; 3. A specialized lexicon. These data show a peculiar scenography circumscription to the referent “Brazilian science”.