Eucalyptus Litter Capacity of Stock and Water Retention

ABSTRACT This research aimed to evaluate the stock and water retention of 15 litter clones and hybrids of the species Eucalyptus, with three years of age. Samples of 1m2 of accumulated litter were collect by repetition. Each sample was separated into fractions consisting of twigs, leaves and amorphous material. The fractions were dried in a forced air kiln until they reached constant weight and, then the dry mass was determined. The water retention capacity was evaluate using the technique established by Blow in 1955. There were no significant differences reagrding litter stock, however, average accumulation was 4.96 Mg.ha–1 and variation between 3.34 to 4.96 Mg.ha–. Fractions contributed in the following descending order: leaf> amorphous material> twigs. Water retention capacity average (WRC) was 249.58%, the value was significantly lower to S-0208, S-0303 and S-0412 clones. The fractions contributed in decreasing order: amorphous material> leaves> twigs. Despite the significant difference between the fractions of WRC, all contribute to total water retention litter.



CC BY 4.0