Evaluability Assessment application on health field: an integrative review

ABSTRACT It was aimed to analyze the scientific production on the application of the Evaluability Assessment in the health field. This is an integrative review of the literature carried out from September to October 2017, with the search of evaluative research with the application of an Evaluability Assessment, in the Virtual Health Library, Scopus and Web of Science. 21 articles were analyzed, 57.1% published in the last five years. The results show that there are important aspects of Evaluability Assessment theory in the studies, such as theoretical model, use of the stages of an Evaluability Assessment, modeling of the program, and association of sources of evidence. It is concluded that the use of Evaluability Assessment has been increasing in health, however, there is a need to improve its quality, especially regarding the objective and research subject, description of involvement of the authors and authorization of the research site, stakeholders involvement, description of data analysis procedures, strategies to ensure data validity and reliability, and contribution to academic knowledge, explaining the potential contributions of Evaluability Assessment and health evaluation.