Evaluation of a membrane system’s operational parameters for oily effluent treatment

ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to discuss the main control parameters of a microfiltration membranes system for oil removal from effluent on experimental bases. The experiments were conducted by using synthetic effluent with oil droplets diameter ranging from 4 to 8 microns. The membranes used were hollow fiber-type which were assembled in a submerged module. The following parameters were tested: Oil and grease concentration in the feed stream (O&Gf ) of 100 and 200 mg.L-1, Water recovery rates (WRR) of 0.75 and 0.90, and Transmembrane pressure (TMP) of -0.20 and -0.30 bar. The results showed that the membranes produced a permeate with a good quality to the point of enabling their reuse in several industrial activities. It was also observed that the elevation of O&Gf and WRR increase the flux decline over time and that the increase of TMP increases the flow value in time of 6 hours.