Evaluation of equine corneal endothelium after exposure to 0.05% brilliant blue - an in vitro study

ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to evaluate the immediate effects of 0.05% brilliant blue on corneal endothelium of horses. Thirty-eight corneas of 19 horses, male or female, of different ages were studied. Corneas were randomly divided into two groups. Group 1: Corneal endothelium was covered with 0.3mL of brilliant blue 0.05% for 60 seconds followed by rinsing with a balanced salt solution. Group 2: Corneal endothelium was covered with BSS for 60 seconds. The corneas were excised with an 8mm trephine and prepared to analyze posterior endothelial surface using a light microscope (24 corneas) and a scanning electron microscope (14 corneas). The equine posterior corneal endothelium surface observed by optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy revealed a continuous layer of polygonal cells of uniform size and shape in both the control and treatment groups. Due to non-normal residuals at ANOVA mean comparison, a generalized linear model was utilized at 5% level of significance. The chi-square test stated that treatment and control group were not different statistically. The 0.05% brilliant blue did not cause damage to equine corneal endothelium.