Evaluation of limit state of stress and strain of free-fixed columns with variable geometry according to criteria from the Brazilian code for concrete structures

Abstract The ultimate limit state of stability by equilibrium bifurcation, the limit states for stress and strain resulting from this condition were evaluated for an extremely slender real structure of reinforced concrete, with geometry varying along its length. The aspects related to nonlinearities of the material were considered through the recommendations on NBR 6118:2014, from the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT). In the analytical solution, developed for stability analysis, all elements of the structural dynamics present in the system were taken into account, including the column self-weight. The critical buckling load was then dynamically defined to different instants of time. Reductions of 70% for the modulus of elasticity and 59% for the critical buckling force were found in analyses performed from zero and five thousand days. It was also possible to obtain the induced stresses on the homogenized cross-sections and those transferred to reinforcement steel bars.