Evaluation of the Concentration of Cu, Zn, Pb and Cr in Different Fish Species from the São Gonçalo Channel in Pelotas-RS, Brazil

The objective of this study was to evaluate the concentration of Cu, Zn, Cr and Pb in different species of fish collected in the estuarine and limnic regions of the São Gonçalo channel, located in the Patos-Mirim lagoon complex in the coastal plain of Rio Grande do Sul State (Southern Brazil) during 2013 (autumn, winter and spring) and 2014 (summer). Fish samples were decomposed in a digester block with a reflux system under conditions optimized using a central composite design as it follows: 250 mg of fish sample, 5 mL HNO3, 2 mL H2O2 during 2 h at 150 °C. The concentrations obtained ranged from 6.7 to 12.0 mg kg -1 for Cu; 1.8 to 23.6 mg kg -1 for Zn; 37 to 487 µg kg -1 for Pb; and 40 to 1268 µg kg -1 for Cr. The highest concentrations of Cu, Zn and Pb, were observed in fishes collected at locations in the estuarine region and Cr showed high levels, especially in the limnic region. The samples of the species Loricariichthys anus (viola) showed the highest concentrations of all analytes investigated.