Ex vivo model with bovine heart: a proposal for training microscopic dissection and vascularmicroanastomoses.

ABSTRACT Training is a process that requires patience and constant practice. The execution of microscopic procedures is present in the day-to-day of several surgical specialties, but unfortunately experimental models are not easy to access in our environment. We propose a bovine heart model used by residents and young surgeons in the training of microscopic dissection and microanastomoses. It is described the assembly of this model, which can be performed individually and with accessible material to the surgical departments. Our experience in the preparation of the pieces, as well as tips for the process, are described in the text. The bovine myocardial model can be reproduced in any center with benches and surgical instruments. Low cost, fast preparation, and wide availability of the used tissue are among the advantages of this model. We consider the project useful in the training of surgical residents and young surgeons.



CC BY 4.0