Expanding family and community medicine residency vacancies by municipalities and the More Doctors Program

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posted on 13.12.2017 by Moysés Martins Tosta Storti, Felipe Proenço de Oliveira, Aline Lima Xavier

The aim of this study was to identify strategies to create or expand vacancies in six family and community medicine residency programs coordinated by municipal managers in the Brazilian National Health System (SUS). The aim of these strategies is to contribute to the universalization of medical residency vacancies and the long-term supply of physicians foreseen by the More Doctors Program. The researchers analyzed reports, legislation, publications, and records of workshops promoted by the Ministry of Health. The following strategies were identified: expanding coverage and improving infrastructure at the primary care level; qualifying and recognizing the importance of preceptorship; planning legislation and budgets; integration with undergraduate programs and residencies in other areas. The protagonist role of municipal managers in transforming medical education is favored by innovative national policies coupled with initiatives adapted to the reality of each municipality.