FIPLIQ: an alternative solution for gynecological and oral cytology

ABSTRACT Introduction: Liquid-based solution for cytology has been developed to improve Pap test. Some liquid media are commercially available, however, due to the high cost there are difficulties in implementing it in the public health programs of many countries. Objectives: To study the suitability of alternative liquid media for the collection and preservation of samples for cytologic examinations, comparing the results with the conventional Papanicolaou methodology. Material and methods: In this study, 127 different compositions of alternative liquid-based solutions were tested with samples from 10 volunteers for oral cytology and 20 samples from volunteers for cervical cytology. Formaldehyde-isopropanol-phosphate (FIPLIQ) was used to preserve cervical samples prepared and analyzed on the same day and 3, 7, and 15 days after collection, compared with Pap smear. Evaluations on quality and adequacy of cell types, microorganisms or their cytopathic effects, reactive, degenerative and dysplastic cell alterations were performed. Results: Samples processed with FIPLIQ showed results similar to those of conventional Pap smear when analyzing staining cytoplasm with indistinct cytoplasm borders, chromatin structure, presence or absence of different types of cell and microorganisms, reparative process, preneoplastic, and neoplastic cell changes; the samples were stored for up to 15 days after collection. Conclusion: Preliminary results suggest that FIPLIQ is suitable for the preparation and preservation of cytology specimens for up to 15 days.