Factors affecting the exit from farming of young farmers in Turkey: the case of Niğde province

posted on 08.08.2018 by Ali Berk

ABSTRACT: This study has focused on the factor affecting the exit from farming of young farmers, since it is an important issue in many provinces of Turkey. Data obtained through face-to-face interview method with 85 selected young farmers (aged 15-40 years) engaged in agricultural activity in the Niğde province in 2017. Logistic regression model based upon the dependent variable decision to exit from farming was used to determine relevant factors. According to results, number of children, the presence of house in the city center and the monthly income level has effects to exit from farming. Young farmers have priorities to reach a better life conditions for their children such as better education and health care services. Rural investment support should be increased; entrepreneurship and innovation trainings should be expanded by encouraging training on agriculture. It would be beneficial to develop different applications such as distance learning modules and digital agriculture.