Factors associated with feelings arising from total tooth loss and expectations of denture replacement in adults and elderly

Abstract Introduction The tooth loss is considered a serious event on the life of patients and it may take them to social withdrawal. The rehabilitation through prosthetics can improve self-image of total edentulous. Objective This study aimed to assess factors associated with feelings related to tooth loss and the expectations regarding the new prosthesis. Methods A cross-sectional study with 119 total edentulous patients (age range: 29-87 years) undergoing prostheses treatment in a University Clinic. Results The patients who reported having lost their teeth due to fear of undergoing treatment or access difficulties were the ones who suffered most from tooth loss (OR = 2.57). Younger patients (OR = 3.33) and female (OR = 3.89) were those that showed more expectations for the prosthesis that was being made. Conclusion Women and young people are those who express more anger or sadness due to tooth loss and have aesthetic and socialization expectations for the new prosthesis.