Findings of the São Cristóvão Slaughterhouse: the archaeological artifact virtualized at the Museu Histórico Nacional

ABSTRACT This paper is based on the exhibition Findings of Leopoldina: urban archaeology in the digital era, hosted by the Museu Histórico Nacional, in 2017. It aims to analyze the place and time of the musealization and the exhibition of the archaeological object deriving from the São Cristóvão Public Slaughterhouse site, in Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, given the specific legislation in the field of archaeological heritage and its contingencies, we reflect upon the use of virtuality as an exhibition resource in a case in which archaeological research led to a particular design solution for the exhibition, consisting of the dissemination of the collection by means of a virtual language, leaving to the objects of the Museu Histórico Nacional to vicariously embody the materiality of the archaeological artifacts of the ancient public slaughterhouse of the city of Rio de Janeiro.