Flipped Classroom: the analysis of an experience in the discipline of Calculus I

2018-05-09T05:39:44Z (GMT) by Elisangela Pavanelo Renan Lima

Abstract This paper aims to present the results of a first-time experiment conducted using the concept of inverted classroom (or flipped classroom) in the discipline of Differential and Integral Calculus I, in Engineering courses at ITA (Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica). The flipped classroom is characterized, according to Valente (2014), as a form of e-learning, in which the contents and instructions are studied online way before class time class, where practical activities will be carried out, such as problem solving and projects, group discussion, among others. This study highlights the potential, some of the problems faced, and the opinions of students in the methodology. This also shows that, regardless of the difficulties faced during the experience, there is a need for innovative approaches regarding Calculus teaching in higher education.