Flora of Espírito Santo: Mimoseae (Leguminosae): part 1

Abstract Tribe Mimoseae (Mimosoid clade - Leguminosae) has 41 genera and about 860 species, of which, 16 genera and 614 species are recorded in Brazil. As a very representative group from Brazilian flora and from Atlantic Rainforest, this paper aims to provide the floristic and taxonomic treatment for genera Anadenanthera, Leucaena, Neptunia, Parapiptadenia, Parkia, Piptadenia, Plathymenia, Pseudopiptadenia, and Stryphnodendron from Espírito Santo state (ES). Fieldwork was performed from April 2014 to July 2015 and vouchers housed at herbaria were examined. A total of 24 taxa (22 species and two varieties) were found in the state. Piptadenia (six spp.), Pseudopiptadenia (six spp.), Stryphnodendron (three spp.), and Anadenanthera (two spp.) are the richest genera amongst analyzed. Leucaena, Neptunia, Parapiptadenia, Parkia, and Plathymenia were represented by only one species each. Compared to the previously known for ES, results increased two genera and nine taxa (specific and infraspecific), as follow: Anadenanthera colubrina var. cebil, A. colubrina var. colubrina, A. peregrina var. peregrina, Neptunia plena, Piptadenia santosii, Pseudopiptadenia bahiana, P. psilostachya, Stryphnodendron polyphyllum, and S. pulcherrimum. Identification keys, descriptions, taxonomic comments, illustrations, and geographic distribution maps are provided.