Flora of Usina São José, Igarassu, Pernambuco: Polygonaceae

2018-07-25T02:54:54Z (GMT) by Marily Jullis Perera Marccus Alves

Abstract Polygonaceae is represented in Brazil by 95 species, of which 29 are endemic. This work is part of the series of taxonomic monographs of families found in fragments of Atlantic Forest of Usina São José, located in the northern coast of the state of Pernambuco. We found ten taxa: Coccoloba alnifolia, C. declinata, C. laevis, C. latifolia, C. lucidula, C. marginata, C. mollis, C. parimensis, C. rosea and C. striata. An identification key, descriptions, comments, and illustrations are presented. Coccoloba latifolia is presented here as the first record for the Atlantic Forest and Pernambuco. Although the studied site has a relative small area, it shows a great diversity to the genus Coccoloba, since 90% of the species found in the state of Pernambuco can be found there, reinforcing its importance to conservation.