Flora of the canga of the Serra dos Carajás, Pará, Brazil: Malpighiaceae

Abstract In this work, we present the floristic treatment of the Malpighiaceae of the canga of the Serra dos Carajás, including taxonomic comments about all species, as well illustrations and photographs. In the study area 14 species belonging to the genera Banisteriopsis (3 spp.), Byrsonima (3 spp.), Coleostachys (1 sp.), Diplopterys (1 sp.), Heteropterys (3 spp.), Niedenzuella (1 sp.), Peixotoa (1 sp.), and Stigmaphyllon (1 sp.) were recorded. Heteropterys trigoniifolia, Niedenzuella acutifolia and Peixotoa reticulata are recorded for the first time in the state of Pará.