For a history of school-related protoindustry in the Empire of Brazil: The Röhe & Irmãos Factory and their school-desks (1868-1883)

2019-10-02T02:47:57Z (GMT) by Juarez José Tuchinski dos Anjos

ABSTRACT This article elaborates the concept of school-related protoindustry in order to approach the early industrial experiences of furniture production for schools in the Empire of Brazil. Based on the hypothesis that it would be located between the craft production and the industrial production of school-related objects, in the classification of these modalities proposed by Juri Meda (2015), and using the analytical perspectives of microhistory (LEVI, 2009; REVEL, 1996; GINZBURG, 1989; 1991), this paper aimed at investigating it, in a first approach, based on the case study of the Röhe & Irmãos Factory and the school-desks manufactured by it between 1868 and 1883 in the Imperial Court.