Formação de professores de Química no Brasil e no mundo

2018-12-05T03:02:09Z (GMT) by CARMEN FERNANDEZ

ABSTRACT This text presents a panorama of Chemistry Education in several countries and focuses particularly on the training of Chemistry teachers in these different contexts. In this sense, the basic structure of the educational system of different countries is presented, as well as the particularities of the schools, such as working hours, number of students per class etc. The training of Chemistry teachers in each country is described in general terms and in terms of the curriculum, in addition to practical aspects of the profession, such as social valuation and the type of institution in which the training is done. The following countries were appraised: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, India and United States. There are many differences between them, but some thingg in common in the best-performing countries in international assessments are close attention to, and monitoring of, the quality of teacher education, the social value of teachers and the working conditions in schools.