Francisco Beltrão’s (Paraná) agroecological fair: a participation project under the focus of the Community Social Psychology in the Latin American perspective?

Abstract The aim of this research was to understand the community participation of farmers/stallholders in the interventionist project called "Agroecological Fair" in Francisco Beltrão/PR, based on the concepts that underlie the Community Social Psychology in the Latin American perspective (PSCLA). Thus, the methodological approach adopted was a reflexive methodology of intervention, through participation in the daily life of the farmers/stallholders in a position denominated dialogical interaction. In this sense, we chose to work with oral and written sources focusing on the discursive position of the subject by means of his psychosocial participation versus discourses legitimized by official history. The results pointed out that the "Agroecological Fair" is considered, by the official discourse, as a proposal of social inclusion, of resistance to agribusiness. However, what was witnessed was a project structured from the perspective of the external agent.