Fruit pastes with organic honey texturized with gellan gum: bioacessibility of antioxidant activity and sensory analysis fruit pastes with gellan and organic honey

Abstract Three paste formulations were developed for four fruits: caja, murici with mango and pitanga, with differentiated percentages of fruit pulp, organic honey and gellan gum. Pulps, honey and fruit paste formulations were analyzed by antioxidant capacity, vitamin C and in vitro bioaccessibility. All formulations showed a high content of vitamin C, antioxidant action and the bioaccessibility. All the formulations were accepted regarding the overall impression, except MM3 (murici pulp:mango pulp:honey 50:50:00 and 0.25% gellan gum) and PI1 (pitanga pulp: honey 90:10 and 0.6% gellan gum). Therefore, fruit pastes are options to encourage consumption of tropical fruits of agro-biodiversity in the Brazilian Northeast.