Germination and Seedling Growth Among Matrices of Two Species of the Genus Hymenaea

The Hymenaea genus belongs to the family Leguminosae, subfamily Caesalpinoideae with the common name jatobá. Approximately 25 species have been described in the genus Hymenaea and 13 of them are present in Brazil. Among them we can highlight the species Hymenaea martiana Hayne and Hymenaea courbaril Linneaus. In literature, there are several studies dealing mainly the dormancy breakage and the seedling production, mainly with Hymenaea coubaril Linneaus, but these reviews per matrices are incipient. This study aimed to evaluate and compare the germination and seedling growth between species and between matrices of the Hymenaea martiana Hayne and Hymenaea courbaril Linneaus. Two experiments were conducted: the first evaluated the germination and the second the seedlings growth. The two species studied showed different behavior between germination and the seedling growth, with Hymenaea courbaril Linneaus showing the greatest average for both variables. However, this did not show phenotypic variability between matrices.