Glycerin in feeding of lambs finished in feedlot: quantitative characteristics of carcass and qualitative characteristics of meat

ABSTRACT This study was conducted to evaluate absence and the inclusion of glycerin in the diet of feedlot finished lambs on carcass characteristics and meat quality in the semimembranosus muscle. Forty males of the breed ½ Dorper ½ Santa Inês weaned with average age of 90 days and average weight of 21+2.3kg were included. The treatments consisted of two diets: G0 - absence of glycerin and G10 - inclusion of 10% glycerol. The experimental design was completely randomized, with two treatments and 20 repetitions. There was effect to slaughter weight (P=0.041) and cold carcass yield (P=0.019) between treatments. We conclude that the lambs fed the inclusion of glycerin (10%) showed better cold carcass yield and lower slaughter weight without changing the other characteristics studied.