Going from the farm to the site. Paraguayan rural workers in the construction industry of Buenos Aires

2017-12-05T15:52:09Z (GMT) by Álvaro Alejandro Del Águila

Abstract This paper aims to analyze the migration process of Paraguayan rural workers to Argentina and their subsequent employment in the construction industry of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires. Through the joint presentation of fragments of interviews and secondary sources, the aim is to track the origin of workers in the construction of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires in the different localities of Paraguay, in order to discuss the possibility of considering Construction as a particular "job niche" that manages to capture the workforce of a significant number of Paraguayan migrants of rural origin. As a result of the analysis carried out, it is concluded that although there are important indications that lead to believe it, it is not possible to establish linear explanations that relate the rural provenance of the migrants with the labor insertion in the construction industry.