Growth and Ages of Regenerating Native Species Under Plantation of Araucaria angustifolia in Parana State

ABSTRACT This study aimed to use dendrocronology techniques to recover the diameter growth and the average age of tree species established under an Araucaria angustifolia stand, planted in 1949 in the Irati National Forest, Paraná state. We obtained samples of 30 regenerating trees of the species Araucaria angustifolia, 24 regenerating trees of the species Cedrela fissilis, 24 regenerating trees of the species Clethra scabra, 22 regenerating trees of the species Ilex paraguariensis and 18 regenerating trees of the species Ocotea puberula. The Chapman-Richards model was used to describe the growth curves in diameter by species and curves of mean annual increment (MAI) and current annual increment (CAI) were constructed. Species showed a great potential for dendrochronological studies and the use of this technique allowed determining that natural regeneration began in 1958 and it had an average of 34 years old. The technique also allowed restore growth by species, generating annual growth rates, which identified the characteristic years of high and low growth.