Growth and yield of teak stands at different spacing

Abstract: The objective of this work was to evaluate the growth and yield of teak (Tectona grandis) stands at different spacing and in different soil classes. Twelve spacing were evaluated in an Inceptisol and Oxisol, in plots with an area of 1,505 or 1,548 m2, arranged in a completely randomized design with nine replicates. The teak trees were measured at 26, 42, 50, and 78 months of age. Total tree height was less affected by spacing. Mean square diameter was greater in wider spacing, whereas basal area and total volume with bark were greater in closer spacing. An increase in volume with bark per tree was observed with the increase of useful area per plant. For teak trees, growth stagnation happens earlier, the growth rate is higher in closer spacing, and the plants grow more in the Inceptisol than in the Oxisol.