Health via consumption: the idealized representation of housewives, mothers, and wives in household economics manuals and magazine advertisements in O Cruzeiro and Manchete, 1940-1960*

2018-10-24T02:44:27Z (GMT) by Elizabete Mayumy Kobayashi

Abstract The relationship between the representation of the idealized woman in the household economics manuals and the female figures of the advertisements published in O Cruzeiro and Manchete magazines between the 1940s and 1960s is analyzed. With different editorial proposals, manuals and magazines were predominantly directed at women who performed the duties of wife, housewife, mother and maid. Despite this clear definition of roles, there existed some tension around the female figure who was no longer tied to the home and already occupied jobs in the public sphere. Consumption became the common denominator among these different women. The new products guaranteed health, comfort and practicality to all concerned.