Hipsometric, Volumetric and Growth Equations for Khaya ivorensis, Planted in Pirapora

ABSTRACT The present study aimed to provide hipsometric, volumetric and growth prediction equations for Khaya ivorensis species. To adjust the height equations we used data with total height and diameter at 1.3 meters collected in the city of Pirapora. For volumetric equations, we performed the scaling of 21 standing trees in the same planting. The growth equations were estimated with volume per hectare of 10 parcels, with age between 30 and 59 months. The volume calculation was performed following the method of Smalian. The adjusted equations showed satisfactory statistics, however lower than the other most widespread crops such as Eucalyptus. But in the face of the lack of technical information about the African Mahogany, this work has contributed significantly to the state of the art of the mentioned plant.