History didactics and the competence of meaning attribution: a study from the methodology of history education

2019-05-15T02:42:31Z (GMT) by Marlene Cainelli

ABSTRACT In this article, starting from the methodology of investigation with intercultural researches based on the application of open and/or closed surveys (BORRIES & ANGVIK,1997) with exploratory studies carried on by the project, with teachers from four Brazilian states: Paraná, São Paulo, Goiás and Bahia, we present how it was possible to reach the results of this study; which sought to understand what are the needs of orientation that indicate the ways teachers follow whose establish their choices concerning the historiographic content and the teaching method. What are the demands from the past? Which experiences and feelings? We have analyzed the dialogue established by the teachers and the notion of history through a narrative presented in a closed survey about the discovery of Brazil. On this research, we work with Peter Seixas (2016) aiming to perceive what is the place of history education in the knowledge production inside the school and in historical thought formation, creating a strategy of treating data along with the theoretical conceptions and the speech of the subjects we have analyzed.