Housing policies and urban occupations: dissent in the city

2018-12-26T05:31:03Z (GMT) by Denise Morado Nascimento

Abstract The article deals with the daily struggle for access to the right to housing and the city. Aligned with the theoretical debate, we have the urban occupations in contrast with the Minha Casa Minha Vida Program in the city of Belo Horizonte (Southeastern Brazil), within an urban crisis aggravated by: (1) the intensification of the peripheral pattern of cities; (2) the fact that the real estate capital is linked to the financial capital; (3) the political immobility in carrying out the urban reform; (4) the imposition of the private condominium property; (5) the inefficiency of the judiciary; (6) the State-capital association; (7) strategically built discourses, which are not propositional. The goal is to intertwine theoretical dimensions (Jacques Rancière, Aristotle, Marx and Chantal Mouffe) with the possibilities of redistribution of decision-making processes around the city.