Identity, Representations and Performativity: Words, Actions and Crucifixion in the Gay Pride Parade in São Paulo

2019-12-11T02:46:10Z (GMT) by Daniella Corcioli Azevedo Rocha

ABSTRACT The objective of this research report is to investigate and discuss the implications of the hostile and offensive comments of different Internet users and the forms of representation of the staging of the crucifixion of Christ by the model Viviany Beleboni, during the Gay Pride Parade of São Paulo in June of 2015. In addition to the concepts of Hall (2008) and Woodward (2008) related to representation and identity, during the analysis of the data were also mobilized the studies of speech acts and performativity by Austin (1962) and Rajagopalan (2012). The results of this research corroborate the theoretical assumptions used, according to which language serves to alter and create realities and not only to describe or represent it. This study also provided an understanding about how the dichotomization of different identity aspects can benefit one group over others.



CC BY 4.0