Impacts of lessons management based on Mathematics words problems on learning

2017-12-20T03:05:59Z (GMT) by Maria Alice Veiga Ferreira de Souza

ABSTRACT This article presents potential successes and constraints presented in lessons based on written words problems of mathematics impacting on the learning process of students in the eighth year of Portuguese classes in an elementary school. Those problems have been proposed by future teachers during a supervised internship at the University of Lisbon. The data emerged from strata of interaction/intervention of a teacher-coach with three interns regarding the actions of their lessons based on written words problems of Mathematics. Successes have been identified such as the association of geometric figures to their algebraic expressions and the conduction of explanations by direct questions on the subject, as well as constraints as confusing mathematical concepts, written commands with no meaning for students, terms without proper contextualization to the mathematical context. The research has been supported by authors and researchers in the field of problem solving, the understanding of statements of math problems and the training in/of teaching practice.