In search of a new Eden in the twentieth century: the Portuguese and the establishment of naturist colonies in Brazil

2018-10-24T02:59:16Z (GMT) by Isabel Drumond Braga

Abstract This article is part of a project that is studying the beginnings of vegetarianism and naturism in Portugal. It contextualizes the connection between the two realities, then ascertains how widely naturist ideas were spread in Brazil, especially in the Pará region, through the establishment of a short-lived naturist colony in Boim (on the Tapajós river) and the abortive plans to create one on the outskirts of Belém. Other efforts to spread vegetarian and naturist ideas included the importing of Portuguese magazines and books and the founding of vegetarian and naturist societies in different Brazilian towns and cities. It is therefore important to problematize and interpret these paths through unpublished sources.