Increase of cases and improvement of information on tuberculosis in the state of Ceará, Brazil, after the database merger

Abstract Introduction The study measured the increase of tuberculosis (TB) cases and improved information on HIV infection registration and non-SINAN TB closure after its merger with SIM and SINAN AIDS. Methods This was a sectional study without treatment of diagnosed cases of tuberculosis and deaths, having TB as underlying or associated cause on people older than 15 years, from 2005 to 2014, residents in Ceará. Results There was an increase of 2,325 (6%) cases after the merger of SINAN TB, TB deaths (underlying or associated cause) SIM and cases of TB/HIV in SINAN AIDS, as well as improving information about the closure criteria and registration of HIV infection. The increase was higher in small municipalities. Conclusion The importance of tuberculosis death investigation, the expansion of epidemiological surveillance nuclei in hospitals and health stations, the use of data communication for municipal coordination to assess underreporting and timely collection of cases by health facilities are highlighted.