Influence of cement type and water content on the fresh state properties of ready mix mortar

Abstract The main characteristic of ready mix mortar is to remain workable for up to 72hours after mixing. This greater duration of workability is obtained by use of hydration stabilizing admixtures and air-entrained admixtures. Thus, the behavior of this mortar depends on the compatibility between Portland cement and these two admixtures. Within this context, the objective of this article is to evaluate the influence of Portland cement type and water content on the properties of ready mix mortars in fresh state. Three types of Portland cement and four water/dry material ratios were evaluated. The produced mortars were analyzed with respect to their properties in fresh state: consistency index, specific gravity, air entrained content and rheological behavior by squeeze-flow. The properties were determined for three storage durations (0, 24 and 48 hours). The results show that both types of cement (mainly, the rheological behavior) and water content (mainly, the air entrained content, consistency and rheological behavior) influenced the ready mix mortar properties. Therefore, these two parameters must be evaluated for mortar dosages in order to obtain the required properties in fresh state.