Influence of maternal vaccination for the passive immune transfer against bovine respiratory viruses

ABSTRACT The aim of this longitudinal research was to evaluate the influence of maternal vaccination for the passive immune transfer of antibodies (Abs) against respiratory viruses in calves. Therefore, cows and calves sourced from two groups according to having received (VAC, n=6) or not (NVAC, n=4) of vaccination at pre-partum period. Blood samples of cows and calves harvested after parturition (D0), and then only calves followed until the age of 180 days. Abs performed by virus neutralization (VN) against BVDV, BoHV-1, BRSV and BPI3-V. VAC cows presented differences for Abs against BoHV-1 (P=0.01) in D0. Frequencies (%) of seropositive VAC calves for BoHV-1 were higher in D2 to D120; to BRSV D4, D8, D10 and D150 (P≤0.08); higher medians of Abs against BoHV-1 in VAC at D2 up to D120 (P=0.08). Partial efficacy of vaccination of cows does not impair its recommendation due to the importance of Herpesvirus and BRSV in BRD, but strategies for improvement in immune responses against other viruses should be established.