Influences of the explicit teaching of argumentation on the development of pre-service Chemistry teachers' teaching knowledge

2017-12-20T02:41:54Z (GMT) by Stefannie de Sá Ibraim Rosária Justi

Abstract: This study aims at analysing how a context of explicit teaching of argumentation influenced the development of chemistry pre-service teachers' knowledge. It was conducted in the context of a subject that comprised a teachers' initial education course. Data were collected from the video recording of the lessons and collection of the written material produced by the six pre-service teachers. Data analysis showed that the explicit teaching contributed to the development of the pre-service teachers' knowledge due to the opportunities of: (i) observing their teacher's actions whilst mediating argumentative situations is several lessons; (ii) using their knowledge of argumentation in simulated lessons; (iii) dealing with didactic materials that support the argumentative practice; and (iv) discussing elements related to argumentation. This study contributes to the research in the area and to the design of teachers' education programmes where it indicates methodological aspects that influenced the development of the pre-service teachers' knowledge on argumentation.