Information ecosystems: New paradigm for Information Architecture

2018-02-14T02:41:11Z (GMT) by Flavia LACERDA Mamede LIMA-MARQUES

Abstract This article defends the hypothesis that information ecosystems from the Internet of Things represent a new paradigm for Information Architecture. To discuss the issue, we enunciate concepts and epistemological foundations of Information Architecture. Finally, we seek understanding information ecosystems in this new reality, with people, objects and places connected everywhere, communicating with each other, creating a potentially transformative dimension to society. Finally, we describe the sub-discipline Pervasive Information Architecture as a specialty of Information Architecture, which emerges to deal with the challenges ahead. The research is based on the Meta-Modeling Methodology and in a critical analysis of the literature of the field. As a result, we defend the need for consolidating a transdisciplinary framework of fundamentals, theories and methodologies able to solve emerging issues.