Information requirements for strategic decision making in information organizations

2018-02-14T02:42:00Z (GMT) by Yunier RODRÍGUEZ-CRUZ María PINTO

Abstract The informational character of the strategic decision-making process is examined with the purpose of identifying the informational requirements that influence the use of information in the strategic levels of information organizations. The theoretical approach to these topics allows one to understand the information particularities as a strategic resource and to determine the elements of Information Sciences that have contributed to the theory of organizational decisions. The study was conducted with executives from eleven Cuban institutions. The phenomenographic method was used to explore the opinion of the interviewees about the resources, processes, systems, factors and emotional states linked to information and its use in the decision-making process. As a result, a set of informational requirements was identified, such as information systems, informational and management processes, as well as a set of informational resources and socio-cognitive factors that make it possible to foster and generate an information infrastructure and enhance the information culture required for the development of strategic decision-making processes.