Interdisciplinarity as a strategy for the prevention of systemic arterial hypertension in children: a systematic review

Abstract Researches that developed interdisciplinary actions in schools seeking to modify the arteial pressure levels or salt and/or sodium consumption by children were analyzed. Studies available on the PubMed, ScienceDirect and Lilacs databases, associating the keywords: intervention study, nutrition intervention, schoolchildren, school health, blood pressure, sodium and salt were included. The research included articles from the last 15 years, in Portuguese, English and Spanish, which had preschool or school children as participants. With respect to the change of the blood pressure levels, 7 studies with positive and significant results and 6 without variation were identified. In terms of modification of the ingestion of food with high salt and/or sodium content, 4 studies revealed positive and significant results, and only one was unsuccessful. The conclusions drawn are that the interventions that use nutritional education combined with physical activities prevail in the literature. However, these actions proved to be more effective when implemented over a long period of time.



CC BY 4.0