Interprofessional Education in the policies of reorientation of professional training in health in Brazil

ABSTRACT The process of training of health professionals is set in the historical moment of reforms oriented towards the strengthening of health systems, with great challenges for this new century. Initiatives to overcome problems related to collaboration among different health professionals are taken as one of the priorities. Starting from the need to train health professionals better able to collaborate in teamwork, Interprofessional Education (IPE) begins to be valued throughout the world. The objective of this essay is to present the historical trajectory of the incorporation of such approach in the policies of professional training in health in Brazil, as well as to highlight the recent advances in this direction. Brazil has recently begun to incorporate IPE more clearly into policies for reorienting health education, a process intensified in the last two years, which can be attributed to the recognition of policymakers for the importance of the approach in the training process in health care in the country, as well as the work of international health organizations that have intensified the call for their relevance in the process of change of the health care model.