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Intrinsic Motivation of Medical Students from a College with Active Methodology in Brazil: a Cross-Sectional Study

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posted on 15.01.2020, 04:42 by Pedro Tadeu Álvares Costa Caminha de Azevedo, Maria de Fátima Costa Caminha, Camyla Rolim Souto de Andrade, Carolina Gonçalves de Godoy, Raissa Lyra Sales Monteiro, Ana Rodrigues Falbo

ABSTRACT A cross-sectional study based on the Self Determination Theory to identify intrinsic motivation in the tutorial group scenario, and its associated factors in 276 medical students from a college in the Northeast of Brazil between October and December 2016. The Intrinsic Motivation Inventory was utilized following its adaptation and cross-cultural translation. Variables studied: age, gender, marital status, financial dependents, number of attempts at the university entrance exam for the medical course, current semester of study, previous undergraduate training, living with parents, choice of course by parental influence or pressure. Uni and multivariate Poisson analysis were carried out to assess the factors associated with intrinsic motivation; p <0.05 was considered as the significance level for statistical purposes. Average motivation score was 3.8, which indicates motivation. In 2 nd , 6 th and 10 th semester medicine students, the final model maintained as the variable associated with intrinsic motivation those who attempted the medical school entrance exam once or twice compared to those who had had three or more attempts (PR = 0.88, 95% CI (0.79-0.97), p = 0.011). In the analyses assessed by semester, in the second semester, students who had prior undergraduate training before medical school compared to those who had not was the remaining variable (PR = 0.92, 95% IC (0.87-0.97), p = 0.005). In the sixth semester, no statistically significant difference was found, and in the tenth semester the variable of those who attempted the medical school entrance exam once or twice remained (PR = 0.65, 95% IC (0.47-0.88), p = 0.006). The students seemed to be motivated in the group tutorial activity. The fewer number of medical school entry exam attempts and having previous undergraduate training were variables that showed association with intrinsic motivation.