Investigation of Electromagnetic Radiation Emission during Sheet Metal Incremental Micro Forming

2017-12-20T02:52:00Z (GMT) by Manish Oraon Vinay Sharma

Edge dislocations within the plastic zone ahead of a crack tip form accelerated electric line dipoles which give rise to the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emissions in metal and alloys. This paper reports an experimental investigation to determine EMR radiation during incremental microforming of a thin aluminum sheet. The EMR signals emit from aluminum grade Al3003 during deformation under unrestricted quasi-static micro-deformation is reported. The EMR emission characteristics are influenced by the microstructural changes rather than forming parametric conditions. The EMR emissions are followed by micro-deformation locally in predetermined loci in continuous deformation pattern through a rotating tool with two different depths. The nature, amplitude and frequency of the observed EMR emissions are in conformity with the predictions of the theoretical model developed by the Misra and co-authors.24-29