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Investigation on influence of stamp forming parameters on formability of thermoplastic composite

posted on 06.02.2019, 03:03 by Sugumar Suresh, Velukkudi Santhanam Senthil Kumar

Abstract Advanced fabric reinforced polymer composites find extensive applications in aerospace and structural fields due to their high mechanical properties. A novel stamp forming technique finds extensive use in the hemispherical forming of thermoplastic composites. This study investigates the influence of stamp forming parameters on the formability of thermoplastic composite using Taguchi’s robust design and grey relational analysis. Taguchi’s orthogonal array was used for designing the forming experiments. Responses such as forming ratio and logarithmic thickness strain were considered for the assessment of sheet formability through single and multi-response optimization. Analysis of variance was used for the determination of the contribution of each parameter on formability and it was identified that the die temperature acts as a prominent factor, followed by blank holder force and blank temperature. The confirmation test was conducted at optimum parameter levels and the obtained experimental grade was seen within the confidence interval of the predicted value.