Knowledge assessment of dentistry undergraduate students and dentists in the city of Aracaju/ Sergipe regarding the appropriate use of antimicrobial drugs

INTRODUCTION:Antimicrobial agents are a striking example of the evolution of modern medicine. However the adaptability of microorganisms provides resistance to certain antimicrobial drugs.OBJECTIVE:To assess the knowledge of dentistry undergraduate students and dentists in the city of Aracaju, Sergipe State, about antibiotic therapy, thus providing an opportunity to identify and recognize the risks related to improper administration of these drugs.MATERIAL AND METHOD:This is an observational, cross sectional study based on a questionnaire given to 80 undergraduate students of dentistry and 50 dentists, ramdomly chosen, to assess the knowledge on the matter.RESULT: Among the interviewees, about 40% were dentists and 60% were dentistry students, 40% of respondents reported to prescribe antimicrobials using as selection criteria that it be selective and bactericidal, and 90% of respondents said they prescribe antibiotics only when necessary, in order to avoid bacterial resistance.CONCLUSION: According to the methodology applied it can be concluded that both groups showed lack of knowledge about the difference between antibiotic therapy, antimicrobial prophylaxis and drug therapy.