Land Use in the Surroundings of PARNA-Caparaó National Park: Preoccupation with Forest Fires

ABSTRACT As the occupation of agricultural areas is extremely important in assessing the fire risk, the objective of this study was to photo-interpret the land use and occupation of the surroundings of Caparaó National Park (PARNA-Caparaó), on its area facing Espirito Santo state, and analyze forest fire occurrence in the region. Photo-interpretation was conducted on a total area of 654.95 km2 comprising 7.88 km2 of eucalyptus, 89.10 km2 of forest fragment, 314.60 km2 of grassland, 13.03 km2 of reforestation of native species, 180.60 km2 of coffee, and 49.74 km2 of other uses. There is a relevant area occupied by reforestation in all the municipalities evaluated in the buffer zone of PARNA-Caparaó National Park compared with that of other studies. Forest fires have occurred mostly on roadsides, pastures, shrubbery areas, and around forest fragments.