Leaf-litter Entomofauna as a Parameter to Evaluate Areas Under Ecological Restoration

ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to characterize the leaf-litter entomofauna in degraded areas under restoration process with different restoration techniques, using the native forest as a reference and ecological indexes as parameters to select bioindicator groups. The study was conducted at “Serra do Itajaí” National Park (PNSI). The survey was conducted from winter/2014 to autumn/2016. The characterization of sampled communities was performed using identification, order, families and faunal indexes such as frequency, constancy and dominance. Overall, 11,241 insects from 57 taxonomic groups were collected in pitfall traps. The native forest showed the greatest richness observed. Groups classified as frequent, constant and dominant in all environments were the Formicidae family and Diptera Order. Significant differences were observed in the frequencies of Ptiliidae, Staphylinidae and Cicadellidae families and also Diptera Order. Coleoptera Ptiliidae, Staphylinidae families and Scolytinae subfamily showed potential as bioindicators of environmental quality at PNSI.