Learning and Transfer of Training: a Quasi-Experiment with Longitudinal Design

Abstract This paper aimed to evaluate learning in three trainings held at a Brazilian federal public organization. It is a longitudinal quasi-experiment with three waves, pre-test (before training - T1), post-test 1 (right after the end of the training - T2) and post-test 2 (around three months after the training - T3). Learning was assessed with situational tests, so results are based on performance rather than self-assessment. Results show that the experimental group obtained better scores in post-test 1 than it did in the pre-test and better scores than the control group did in post-test 2. There were no difference in the results obtained by the control group, comparing pre and post-test, and that there was no difference in tests according to previous experience and demographic data. Results indicate that learning occurred as a consequence of training and was not explained by other factors of the organizational environment or individuals.