Left wing reform: managerial public administration at PT’s administrations

2018-11-07T02:44:35Z (GMT) by Leandro Heitich Fontoura

Abstract For two decades, the Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT) has held a tough critic regarding the state reform carried out by Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Brazilian Social Democracy Party - PSDB) during his mandate. According to the PT’s narrative, the Managerial Public Administration is a neoliberal and conservative policy, and it cannot be politically conducted by the left wing. This article shows a review of PT’s antireform narrative. In face of urban problems, public bureaucracy barriers and increasing social demands, it is possible to observe mayors of the PT implementing policies associated with the ones advocated by the PSDB to modernize management and make it more efficient and effective. This scenario was verified in five Brazilian municipalities, through qualitative research with mayors and municipal secretaries in the areas of planning, budget, administration and management.